Resistance Bands - Part 1 // Booty Exercises!

Why are booty exercises important?

In today's blog, we are working on that booty. I know for many of us ladies, this is
an area we love to target in hopes of growing that glorious peachy butt.

However, growing these muscles is important for other reasons too! Our glut
muscles support us when we stand, help with balance and assist in many of our
everyday tasks. Strengthening these muscles ensures our knees track inline
when performing movements such as a lunge or squat. The stronger the glut
muscles are the better we can perform on other exercises.

The workout

Here are some of the key exercises you can incorporate into your routine. I have
created a workout, which you can complete at home or in the gym. If you want to
use this workout in combination with other exercises that is an option too!

How often do I train lower body?

To grow these muscles we want to dedicate 1-2 workouts per week to training
them. My recommendation would be to have a mixture of resistance exercise using weights, and body weight or banded exercise. 
Top booty tip: With every exercise, you want to practice mind to muscle connection. That is when you really focus on thinking about the muscle you are working with every single repetition. As you do the movement, think about engaging the muscles you are using, while maintaining the best technique possible. This will enhance your results and prevent injury.